Digital Marketing & Development Services – Affordable Pricing

Digital Marketing & Development Services - Affordable Pricing
Digital Marketing & Development Services – Affordable Pricing

Overview of the services offered by a digital marketing and development agency. It includes a pricing table that breaks down the services into individual components and provides rough estimates of the costs associated with each. The services covered include custom website design, website development, mobile app design, mobile app development, social media management, and more.

Pricing Table for Social Media Management, Content Creation, Email Marketing, PPC Advertising, and SEO

ServiceDescriptionUSD Price
Social Media ManagementSocial media platform setup, content creation, scheduling and publishing, and analytics$200-$2,500 per month
Content CreationBlog writing, video production, graphic design, etc.$200-$3,000 per project
Email MarketingEmail campaign setup, design, and management$100-$2,000 per campaign
PPC AdvertisingGoogle AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.$100-$5,000 per month
SEOKeyword research, on-page optimization, link building$250-$5,000 per month

Pricing table for website design and development services, broken down by individual services:

ServiceDescriptionUSD Price
Custom Website DesignCreative design concept, wireframing, and mockups$1500-$10,000
Website DevelopmentFront-end and back-end development, CMS integration, and e-commerce solutions$3,00-$15,000
Website MaintenanceSoftware updates, bug fixing, and security monitoring$250-$1,500 per month
E-commerce SolutionsOnline store setup, payment gateway integration, and shipping solutions$1,000-$20,000

Online Reputation Management Pricing Plans

PackageDescriptionMonthly Cost
BasicMonitoring of online presence and response to negative comments$500
StandardMonitoring, response to negative comments, and positive review promotion$800
PremiumMonitoring, response, positive review promotion, and comprehensive content marketing strategy$1,200

Pricing table for mobile app design and development services, broken down by individual services:

Mobile App DesignUser experience design, wireframing, and mockups$500-$15,000
Mobile App DevelopmentFront-end and back-end development, API integration, and platform-specific optimization$1000-$50,000
Mobile App MaintenanceSoftware updates, bug fixing, and security monitoring$500-$3,000 per month
Mobile App MarketingApp store optimization, app install campaigns, and app engagement strategies$2,00-$5,000 per month

Pricing table for social media management services, broken down by individual services:

Social Media Platform SetupSetting up social media profiles, creating brand guidelines, and configuring privacy settings$100-$1,500
Content CreationContent strategy, copywriting, graphic design, and video production$100-$3,000 per month
Scheduling and PublishingScheduling and publishing content to social media platforms$100-$1,500 per month
Social Media AnalyticsMonitoring and reporting on social media performance, engagement, and reach$100-$1,500 per month

Understanding the Pricing of Our WhatsApp Marketing Services

Choosing the right WhatsApp Marketing Services for your business involves evaluating the cost, which will depend on various factors, such as the services you choose, the size of your target audience, and the overall complexity of your campaign. To give you a better understanding of the costs involved, we have put together a pricing table to provide an overview of our services and the associated costs:

ServiceBase PackageAdditional
Personalized Messaging$500 per month$0.05 per message
Automated Responses$400 per month$50 per trigger
Broadcast Lists$300 per month$100 per list
Customer Segmentation$200 per month$50 per segment

Breakdown of SMS Marketing

Here is a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in SMS marketing services:

ServiceDescriptionAverage Cost
Message SendingThe cost per message sent, based on the number of messages sent and the target audience$0.01 – $0.05 per message
Package FeaturesThe cost of additional features such as segmentation, auto-responders, and reporting$50 – $500 per month
Agency Experience and ReputationThe cost of working with an experienced and reputable SMS marketing agency$500 – $5,000 per month
Customer SupportThe cost of quality customer support and training$50 – $500 per month
Reporting and AnalyticsThe cost of advanced reporting and analytics capabilities$50 – $500 per month

Note : It is important to note that these prices are subject to change, and a personalized quote will be provided based on your specific requirements. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.